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Justin Bieber was boozing like a college kid during a Rae Sremmurd show … taking a huge swig straight from a bottle onstage in New Zealand. We haven’t seen the Biebs let loose like this in a while — since cleaning up his act — but during the duo’s gig, Biebs says he took a […]

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Ohio State football player Marcus Baugh was arrested Sunday for underage possession/consumption of alcohol and for displaying improper identification, according to a Franklin County Municipal Court public record. According to the record, Baugh was arrested by OSU Police at 11th Avenue and High Street, where the South Campus Gateway is located. Baugh was released on a $1,000 bond and his arraignment was scheduled […]


Just to clarify, its still illegal even if your a magician! SOURCE 1. Hide your beer can inside a soda can.   Here’s how. Source: 2. Rock a BeerBelly.   This man doesn’t look like he’s up to anything! Source: WHAT? IT WAS UNDER HIS SHIRT THE WHOLE TIME?   *faints* Source: 3. Or, for the ladies, the super-stylin’ WineRack.   […]


1. “I was in my weird neighbor’s basement. All he had was straight gin or milk (yes, milk) and kahlua. I drank both, which was a disgusting thing to do. We listened to the Shakira CD that had hips don’t lie on it. I still cannot drink gin to this day.” 2. “Milwaukee’s Best at sophomore prom […]


Because if you spend too much time finding/opening/chilling your alcohol, you won’t have as much time to drink it. SOURCE 1. Keep your pitcher cold yet undiluted with a plastic cup of ice. Source: RELATED::Kim Kardashian May Give Birth in Paris 2. Or the bottom half of a two-liter bottle. Just cut the plastic bottle in half, […]


Discovered: Alcohol helps accelerate the brains of heavy drinkers; Self-image affects self-expression; Antarctic lake hid evidence of never-before-seen life forms; Ancient humans liked to hike. Alcohol helps accelerate the brains of heavy drinkers. How we experience alcohol — that is, as a depressant which disinhibits us — tends to inform the way we view long-term binge drinking. But according to […]


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