#bigbinkshow – Acoording to several rumors and reports, Lil Yachti has found love in India love!  She has had stints with The Game and Souljia Boy, but it looks like now Lil Yachti has gotten his piece of the pie!

#bigbinkshow – Would you buy an R Kelly ticket to see him perform?

#bigbinkshow – That boy Beiber went to grace the stage at an event and forgot the words to a song that was in spanish.  Matter of fact,  he tried to fix it and it turned into an Epic fail!!  check it below!  

#bigbinkshow – Yung Joc shows the world that you can become relevant again with having just one major album!  He found television and just found another new hairstyle that everyone is talking about.  In the last season of LAHHATL, the world went in on his latest Hairdo at the time.  Look at this pic below […]

#bigbinkshow – You won’t believe this!!!  Below a Owner of a beauty supply store accused a woman of stealing and got into an arguement which lead to a physical altercation.  It got worst and the owner ended up choking the customer?  Where they do that at?  Its being reported that the NAACP is calling for […]

#bigbinkshow – Since it is “International Womens day”  I wanted to put up some of the best music ever made by Woman hip hop artists in the last 5 years.  Shout out to all the women in Columbus!!  Thank you for everything that you do for the City!  

#bigbinkshow  –   They are saying that these “NEW” rappers are so disrespectful.  Reports came out about certain rappers who are not paying Homage to Legends who paved the way for them.  recently Lil Yachti caught flack for not respecting the @pac and Big legacy but now, the new “America’s most wanted” Kodak Blak is […]

#bigbinkshow   So people have really been going on about whether Lil Yachti is a “rapper or not”  Its obvious he has a fan base and the style of music is always changing.  Well here is a chance for you to rate Yachti with a Freestyle he recently did…Take the #bigbinkshow poll after you look […]

#bigbinkshow Have you seen Rhi Rhi’s new hairstyle?  The Janet Jackson “Poetic Justice” look is back and nobody is wearing it better than Rihanna….How does it look on her?    

#bigbinkshow     Now I seen and still cant tell the difference between real and fake hair, but now the dudes can get fake hair too?  Look at this video –  

  #bigbinkshow……………..   Look what happened when a popular beauty supply store closed down and threw all of the bundles of hair they had away…… (warning explicit language)