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This might be the funniest, yet most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen/heard. So if you watched the Super Bowl over the weekend, you seen the new Doritos commercial starring Chance The Rapper and The Backstreet Boys promoting the brand new line of “Flamin Hot” chips. Now if you are a chip connoisseur like myself you know […]

Doritos chips have made an unexpected move and partnered up with Uber and Moms Against Drunk Driving.


Over a dozen women who accused the comedian of sexual assault shared their stories on the A&E special, Cosby: The Women Speak.

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According to Chewin The Phat: Rihanna Debuts Doritos “Chick!” Rihanna’s “Who’s That Chick” video debuted online yesterday. “Who’s That Chick” was created especially for a new, international promotional campaign for Doritos, and the video is available exclusively at Viewers can customize the “Who’s That Chick” video using a special graphic symbol found on the back […]

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Here are a few of our favorite commercials from the big game!  What was yours?  Leave a comment below on what the best commercial was!