#bigbinkshow – People wondered what happened to Miguel, its been a minute since he was all over the charts.  Well,  he has been found signing in museums throughout the country.

#bigbinkshow – Reports are coming out that Missouri is one of the worst states when it comes to racial profiling and if you are of color driving throughout the state there is a strong possibility you will be stopped. Jesus take the wheel!!!!!!

#bigbinkshow – Well,  Offset from the Migos and Cardi B are kissing each other in the mouth on a regular basis.  Well Cardi B’s “CHICKEN” must be really tasty because this dude buying her all kind of ice.  Look at this piece?  Is this too over the top for another human being?

#bigbinkshow – Yo its the weekend and what better way to see some WTF kinda stuff right?  Everyone is waiting for a new Wiz track and inside of the video he gives you a hint of where is is with that plus he actually eats raw cannibus!!!  Where they do that at?

#bigbinkshow – 21 Savage shows a side of him that has never been seen before with his new Boo Amber Rose.

#bigbinkshow – These dudes got skills.  Check it out.  Somebody told me this was done in Columbus…I’m doing some investigating….

#bigbinkshow – Lets hope this Lil Bro has learned his lesson and will do his part to uplift his community.  Here is footage of him leaving Jail and going home.  Hopefully we will see him in Columbus soon!

    #bigbinkshow – Not sure whats wrong with the Swat/police team in North Carolina, but they took it upon themselves to run through J. Cole’s crib because of some suspicion of Drug activity.  So Cole put it out for the World to see….Thank god for Cameras.  

#bigbinkshow – Everyone if talking about the Video the Snoop Dogg has put out.  Now the secret service are putting there eyes and ears on the entire Snoop Dog operation.  Now word right now if they will react to the video but with the president changing this world daily, who knows what is next. “Who […]

#bigbinkshow – Wale spoke out against Donald Trump recently in an interview but not like you would think.  Actually,  Wale thinks that Trump is uniting the country and People are coming together.  Crazy right?  Check out exactly what he meant in the video below and why the #bigbinkshow agrees with him. WALE SPEAKS

#bigbinkshow Breaking News!!!! Lil Wayne has had another seizure according to TMZ.  Click Here for the Latest  

  This is not the Guy that sings the song “Panda” but The actual dude, named “desiigner” got a little too turnt at a performance.  This dude actually threw up while on stage!!!  Check it out at your own risk!!!  Its Nasty!!  Click HERE