#bigbinkshow – Especially with the new Presidential administration, “Fake News” is alive and well.  How do we know what is real and what is fake?  Well Facebook is giving you the business with labels that will identify what is real and what is not, even what is being disputed.  For the full story click HERE […]

#bigbinkshow – In 2 days Donald Trump will become our 45th president of the United States,  but now he might have a huge problem when he accepts the Presidency on Friday.  Another “apprentice” contestant has come out and accused Trump on misappropriate sexual conduct and defamation of character!!  She has been reported saying that all […]

#bigbinkshow J. Cole’s “critically acclaimed” album is definetly one of the biggest to come out this year.  Every record off the album has charted.   This album has no features, Cole produced the entire body of work and radio stations have flocked to what could be the best album in hip hop this year.  Here […]