#bigbinkshow – everybody wants to know hat the real deal is with La La and Melo.  Will they divorce?  Will Melo still play for the Knicks?  Will La La stay on Power?  Well here is la La answering one of these questions.

The new album will be coming to you mobile device right after the finals.  It looks like Lebron isn’t over the game from last night, so he is going to practice his bars!

#bigbinkshow – we love to see the Homie Shaq on TV especially during the NBA Finals!!  But we never thought we would see this side of him.  Is that what a Size 19 foot looks like?  

#bigbinkshow – Why is it your Ex always look better when yall break up.  Some pics came out from La La and I bet Carmelo somewhere pissed.  Don’t she look better now that she single? ‘  

#bigbinkshow – Draymond Green, Forward for the Nba’s Golden State Warriors, had some choice words for Nikki Minaj during a recent broadcast.  He talked about how Nicki Minaj always referencing Lebron James in all of her songs.  Here is what he said from an article in Billboard mag. “Is Nicki Minaj gonna mention ‘Bron in every song?” Green said. […]

#Bigbinkshow – It’s almost time for the March Madness tournament and lets hope Columbus will be in the building for the BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP!  Great game last night as the Men’s basketball squad got past Penn state in the final seconds of the game.  Check out how it went down!!  

#bigbinkshow – Shots out to the OSU Womens Basketball Team!!  We knocked of Maryland last night for a tie for the lead in the Big ten Conference!!  We on our way to the champonship BABY!!! – OH!!  For more on the stats from the game, Click HERE

  #bigbinkshow –  Happy birthday to the homie Michael Jordan!!   Who was/is the best player ever in the NBA?  Michael or Lebron?    

#bigbinkshow – Yesterday, Everybody in the city was talking about the big conference game between undefeated South and Eastmoor Academy.   The Game was lit and in the last seconds of the game, Eastmoor snunk away with the win, giving South High school its first loss of the season.  Earlier that day, the bulldog cheerleaders […]