#Bigbinkshow – It’s almost time for the March Madness tournament and lets hope Columbus will be in the building for the BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP!  Great game last night as the Men’s basketball squad got past Penn state in the final seconds of the game.  Check out how it went down!!  

#bigbinkshow – They stopped by the show today and talked about how the fans made their own version of their song that has over 3 million views!!  They LIT!!!!!!!!!  

#bigbinkshow – Check out the new baby cubs at the Columbus Zoo this summer!      

#bigbinkshow – update More players on the 2017 Champion Patriots have decided not to attend the White House to be congratulated by the President. Here is the latest update.  Remember, QB Tom Brady and Michael Jordan both decided not to attend the White House visit during there careers.  Should these players be kicked off the […]

      #bigbinkshow – German Village residents are on high alert!!!!.  There have been several attacks in the German Village area.  Five females have been attacked in the last 2 weeks to be exact.  The latest attack happened near Nationwide Children’s hospital and the suspect had a gun.  For more information about these horrible […]

#bigbinkshow – Believe it or not, Harambe is still making the news months after he was killed at a Zoo in Cincinnati when a young boy fell into his exhibit.  This time it is being reported that “Cheeto” that resembles to make up of the slain Gorilla is being sold for a lot of cheese […]

#bigbinkshow  – It’s real simple to end all racial inequality, suffering, homelessness, unemployment, etc. in this country.  Kendrick Lamar put it in a 30 seconds in this video.

#bigbinkshow – Shouts out to the Ohio State Women’s Basketball Team who blew out the Lady Illini yesterday at Value city arena 88 – 64.  The ladies are 17 – 5 overall and 7 – 1 in the Big ten division!  O – H!!   Source: DenisTangneyJr / Getty  

  #bigbinkshow – Everyone has been wondering if Tupac is still alive.   He has been reported to have been seen all over the U.S. since his untimely death in 1996.   Now the long awaited Tupac Bio – pic is on the way this summer.  The trailer is CRAZY!!!!        

  #bigbinkshow – looks like Jaden smith is in his feelings, he’s shown on video saying that he has failed his fathers dreams.  He looks really sad on this video.  Was he under too much pressure?  Keep your eye on him because this doesn’t look like it will end well…..

#bigbinkshow – Is this shade happening before the inauguration?  It is being reported that Ivanka Trump and her husband are purchasing a home within 3 minutes of where the Obama’s will stay after President Barack Obama’s term is finished.  It is rumored that Donald Trump’s Daughter and son in law will serve in his administration, […]

#bigbinkshow – House Speaker Paul Ryan became the victim of “Dab by association” in a recent photo op with Kansas Representative Roger Marshall’s son.  When the son started to Dab during a photo op, Ryan asked, “Are you ok?  Are you going to sneeze?” lololololololololol…Check out the video here.