#bigbinkshow I want to know you thoughts!!!  Who do you think will win the Grammy for Album or the Year Between Beyonce,  Drake, Adell and Justin Beiber? Album Of The Year 25 — Adele Lemonade — Beyoncé Purpose — Justin Bieber Views — Drake A Sailor’s Guide To Earth — Sturgill Simpson

  #bigbinkshow Lot of people thought that the whole pregnant deal with Joseline Hernandez was fake but this recent picture surfaced that shows the baby bump is alive and kicking and ready to get a spot on LAHHATL!!!  She actually looks good preggo!  

There has been word around the city that a Popular restaurant is coming to Columbus!  If you like deep Dish Pizza, get ready for Giordano’s!!!  If you don’t know about this place, you are in for a cheesy surprise!  Its going to be some of the best Pizza you have ever tasted!  They are well known […]

#bigbinkshow Can you believe they let us SWAG at the White House?  Not sure what the occassion was or who was working the front gate,  but a group of people got together and got permission to SWaG SURF on the White House lawn…Check out the Video here…. Source: Pool / Getty  

#bigbinkshow    Man I used to go to Fort rapids every weekend when I moved here back in 2012.  My kids loved it!!!!!!  Well now it might be auctioned off….Check out story HERE    

  #bigbinkshow – Not only is he the fastest man in the world, he has mad respect for the USA…Check out what he did when the USA anthem came on…  

Now you can create a story on IG!!!  Are they biting off snap Chat? Who you rocking with?      

Fetty Wap got a beautiful little girl and the internet blew up when they saw this pic!! Congratz Fetty!

Check out the BET awards this Sunday on BET Who do you think will get the most awards this weekend at BET?  Click here for all the nominations  NOMINEES  

  #bigbinkshow Horrible…………Mom with 6 kids has to answer to charges filed against her for Whooping her kids for Stealing property and stashing it in her Home….Listen to this video as she breaks down the entire story…..Her kids were also taken from her because she whooped them….  

  The last minute of the finals had everyone on their seats last night…Shot out to the Cavs for bringing a NBA Trophy to Ohio!!  

  #bigbinkshow If I ever quit a Job, this is how i want to do it!!!  Hopefully I will have something else lined up!!!