#bigbinkshow – Acoording to several rumors and reports, Lil Yachti has found love in India love!  She has had stints with The Game and Souljia Boy, but it looks like now Lil Yachti has gotten his piece of the pie!

#bigbinkshow – Would you buy an R Kelly ticket to see him perform?

#bigbinkshow – Well,  Offset from the Migos and Cardi B are kissing each other in the mouth on a regular basis.  Well Cardi B’s “CHICKEN” must be really tasty because this dude buying her all kind of ice.  Look at this piece?  Is this too over the top for another human being?

#bigbinkshow – This couldn’t have come at a worst time for R. Kelly.  He is being accused of holding women against their will and running a sex “slave” operation in the guest house of one of his residences in Atlanta.  Nothing is confirmed as we speak but the family of one of the girls did […]

#bigbinkshow – Maybe being in Jail changed his mind about his teeth?

#bigbinkshow – Remember This?  Can you name it? (if you at work don’t cut it up loud.)  

#bigbinkshow – Kodak Blak is reported to be back in jail as missing a lot of paper.  Some of the shows are 50k a pop!!!  More importantly maybe to him, he won’t be able to reap the benefits of his performance rider.  Take a look at what he asks for when he is performing in […]

#bigbinkshow – So Many people are waiting to see the Grammy’s this weekend.  There are a lot of Power artists that are nominated to represent Hip Hop and R N B big this Year Beyonce Rihanna Bryson Tiller Party Next Door DJ Khaled And More!  Here is the entire list of all the performers for […]

#bigbinkshow – The Big Homies of the White house will never be forgotten.  They changed the way we look at politics and how it relates to family, community and leadership.  President Obama surprised Joe Biden with the highest Honor humanly possible at what Biden thought was a regular televised meeting.  

  #bigbinkshow   I didn’t know that the circus was a part of the Olympics!!!  The story about the U.S. olympic swimmers getting robbed may not be true at all according to CNN….What has started out as a high profile crime against some high profile athletes is just some BS……here are the latest details here

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas continues to break barriers and records going for the Gold in Rio for the Olympics.  Unfortunately. she can not break away from the wrath of social media’s disrespectful comments about her hair. She finally speaks on it and talks about the effects of it. Gabby will bring home a Gold […]