#bigbinkshow –   You ever wondered what happens when you go under the knife to get your booty worked on and days, months, weeks go by?  Well, it starts to leak; yup,  juices start to flow outside the booty and before you know it,  you are on a set filming and you have to do […]

#bigbinkshow   Hey its Friday!!!!  Enjoy this before you start your weekend

With all the weddings that have been going on as well as couples getting engaged you can only imagine the money that’s put out for them.  Would you go big or go home. Big wedding or keep it small and why?  Let me know! Drop a Dime on the line at 821-1075!

US gov't collecting huge number of phone records

Rihanna’s milieu are reportedly incensed about her rumoured romance with Chris Brown. The couple split in 2009 after Chris assaulted her, leaving her with a badly bruised face. Rihanna, who is signed to Jay-Z’s record label Def Jam, is said to be enamoured with Chris once again, as the pair have been spending a lot […]