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Kim is so sweet! She offered Bruce Jenner to use her glam sqaud as he makes his transition.

Recently, President Barack Obama appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and when asked if he actually called Kanye West’s home, he denied. Well Kanye West seems to say otherwise.

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Twitter can definitely be mean, but President Obama took his Celebrity Mean Tweets like a champ on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

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Snoop Dogg may just have officially inducted himself into President Obama’s “Choom Gang.” The rapper confessed — or bragged, rather — to Jimmy Kimmel on his Internet program “Double G News Network” that he smoked a joint in the White House bathroom back in 2013. “Have you ever smoked at the White House?” Kimmel asked […]

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Katty Perry is a TRUE ARTIST, Unique in every way. Will do anything to please her fans including crashing a 5 year olds bitrhday farty disquised as a clown. All for the sake of music ofcourse. Even though Perry left children in tears, attacked some guy with a piñata stick, and staged a scary car accident at Knollwood Country […]

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One of my favorite songs! Check out Aloe Blacc performing “The Man” on Jimmy Kimmel!

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Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel

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