One of the most talked-about and highly anticipated documentaries slated to come out this year is “The Last Dance” a 10-part documentary series focused on Micheal Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls. ESPN has been teasing this documentary since last year and it was supposed to air in June but due to the COVID-19 […]


Tyson/Ali, Montana/Brady, Sampras/Federer, Tiger/Jack, Ultimate Warrior/The Rock, here are some classic match ups we would’ve loved to see happen but because they played in different era’s will never know who would’ve won head to head. And probably the biggest debate of all time is LBJ vs MJ AKA The G.O.A.T vs The G.O.A.T, in this […]

They were retailed at $225 upon release are now selling for around $1,000…That’s over a 400% increase in value … in less than a week.