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I know you’re probably asking yourself who in the “H” is Kaitlin Bennett and why are college students protesting her, well here’s who she is and this is why. Kaitlin Bennett is a gun rights advocate, anti-abortion activist, and a podcast and social media personality who received national media attention when she carried a AR-10 […]

The 614

A rape victim blames the university for not suspending the officer who had been accused of unlawful sexual contact. Ohio University is still dealing with one of their campus officers who was accused of raping women back in 2006. Former Ohio University police officer Robert “Andy” Parsons pleaded no contest to unlawful sexual contact with […]


  Ohio University has officially suspended operations of all Intra-fraternity Council (IFC) fraternities located on its Athens campus. This suspension comes on the heels of new allegations of hazing. According to the university, the decision to suspend fraternities was made after allegations of hazing against seven chapters. The suspension means all chapter events, meetings, and […]

The 614

Ohio University has expelled the fraternity Sigma Pi for reports of hazing and other violations. During an investigation, the school charged the fraternity with 11 violations against the student code of conduct. The expulsion occurred on April 11. This all spewed due to the death of 18-year-old Collin Wiant from Dublin who died. Wiant’s family […]


Ohio University police have issued a crime alert after a reported was reported from over the weekend.