#bigbinkshow – Would you buy an R Kelly ticket to see him perform?

#bigbinkshow –   You ever wondered what happens when you go under the knife to get your booty worked on and days, months, weeks go by?  Well, it starts to leak; yup,  juices start to flow outside the booty and before you know it,  you are on a set filming and you have to do […]

#bigbinkshow – To what level would you go to please your favorite celebrity?  I think this fan went wwaayyyyyy overboard when she came in contact with Lil Boosie.  What do you Think?

#bigbinkshow – Every parent has their “Own” way of raising their kids.  To each his own,  right?  Well, what are your thoughts on this Mom putting her toddler on a stripper pole?  Is this at the home?  Or at the Club?  Should Child servies get involved? Check out the video..

  #bigbinkshow – This pic along with others raised many questions about Young Thug’s sexuality.  Well he went on Social Media to make sure everyone knew who his “boo” was.    

#bigbinkshow I’m definitely in the wrong profession!!!!   There are people getting paid to dry hump other people!!!!!!  Being that it is “Hump Day”  Wednesday, this is the perfect video for you if your bell isn’t being rung on a daily basis at the crib….Just imagine people are actually paying money to get humped.  I […]

#bigbinkshow Yo, its being reported that a DJ was guilty of grabbing the ass of Taylor Swift during a routine photo op.  He claims that he didn’t grab it and his hand was not open and he is pissed to be seen as the dude who tried to grab all the “chicken” that Taylor is […]

  Check this story out about this dude who stole bout $1,900 dollars worth of panties from Victoria Secret!!!  This dude is the “Dummy Of The Day”  

NEW JERSEY – Tiffany Luxinger worked at three of one of the largest lingerie retailers, and  now she’s exposing a shocking secret, “We would re-tag it and put it back on the sales floor.” And it gets worse. She says, “If a product comes back as returned it obviously has an odor to it.  We’ll put it […]