#bigbinkshow – Be on the lookout because Nicki Minaj and the Migos are coming!!!

#bigbinkshow – Its being reported on that Tahiry from Love and Hip Hop NY snatched up somebody who was staying at her home where a fight popped off and the guest got roughed up pretty bad.  Now,  Tahiry is going to spend her 38th birthday going through the process of being booked on assault […]

#bigbinkshow – Especially with the new Presidential administration, “Fake News” is alive and well.  How do we know what is real and what is fake?  Well Facebook is giving you the business with labels that will identify what is real and what is not, even what is being disputed.  For the full story click HERE […]

#bigbinkshow – we were there when the Obamas met the trumps on inauguration day!!!  Listen to what actually was said!!!

#bigbinkshow.. I can think of a couple of people who could of been person of the year for 2016 like – President Barack Obama,   Ellen Degenerres, Simone Biles, Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Mark Zuckerburg, Beyonce, The list can go on and on,  but this is who Time Magazine picked?? Do you agree with […]

Chris Brown had a rough day yesterday, when police swarmed his house with helicopters and SWAT teams. A woman named Baylee Curran called the cops when a gun was allegedly pulled on her while she was at Chris’ house, which started the whole messy situation. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! While Breezy is no stranger […]