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As of today, the City of Columbus is temporarily suspending collections on debts owed directly to the city! Amid this viral pandemic and current stay at home order, people are running into issues moving into a new month of reoccurring bills. In efforts to help offer some type of relief, the city is doing what […]

What’s crazy is that Tekashi’s plan to get out has a lot to do with the people he snitched on since he and his former manger “Shotti” plead guilty to racketeering his lawyers believe that everyone will take the plea ( since Tekashi told everything) they hope that there is so much evidence that there […]

#bigbinkshow – Singer Ed Sheeran has been without his cell phone for about a year. he made a new years resolution to get id of it and says he only works off email.  He also noted that he had more time to do the things he wanted to do and not be bogged down with […]

This dude is certified scum….SMH Man Tricks His Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill A shady Florida man is set to faces charges after he tricked…

Back in October, when Disney finalized its acquisition of Lucasfilm and announced a seventh “Star Wars” film, you better believe every actor who ever stepped foot in a galaxy far, far away got his or her agent on the phone. But that would be only half the battle. If the new “Star Wars” trilogy moved forward as […]

VIA BCNN1.COM Today, a group of seven education and civil rights groups released a six-point plan for equitable and sustainable national education reform in this country. And, big surprise, the report is basically a 17-page repudiation of the Obama administration’s education reform platform. Groups including the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Urban […]