The 614

Last year the neighbors of Stacy Elliott called Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office to report their dog had been attacked by a large cat when the sheriff’s arrived the found the cat and from their accounts, they believed that the cat was going to attack them so they shot the cat killing the animal. That’s when […]

The 614

People like this, in my opinion, should be thrown under the jail and the key melted down, people like this shouldn’t even get food or water if you ask me and they should have to live in their own feces. This man who was a daycare provider, someone, a family entrusted the safety of their […]

G Herbo has found himself constantly in the tabloids for the drama surrounding the relationship with the mother of his child. Between battling in court and trying to move on, things have been rocky for both parties. Finally a piece of that chapter can now be closed since he plead guilty to misdemeanor battery charges […]

I know one thing for certain when it comes to the artist formerly know as 69 when this dude does get out he’s going to have to out of the country and we’ll never see any rainbow hair, because what he’s doing to the hood’s version of the mob will never ever be forgiven. Mr […]

The body cam video shooting of Sam DuBose has been released resulting in the Officer being charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter on July 19th in Cincinnati.

Fat Joe pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion in court today, Billboard reports. The rapper, legally known as Joseph Cartagena, could face up to two years in prison. Cartagena faced a charge of failing to pay taxes on millions of dollars of income in 2007 and 2008. His lawyer issued a statement saying that Cartagena plans […]

A$AP Rocky pled guilty to attempted grand larceny today in regards to a July fight in New York between the rapper and two amateur photographers, TMZ reports. A$AP Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) was accused of attacking the two men for taking pictures of him while he was yelling at another person. The rapper was also accused […]