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Several NFL Teams and prominent superstars took a knee during the National Anthem of the 1pm games of the NFL today in response to 45’s comments made in Alabama Friday calling for NFL owners to “fire those sons of b****es” if the refused to stand for the National Anthem. Spectators at the Colts’ home Lucas […]

#bigbinkshow – According to reports a transgender put singer Bobby V on blasts for allegedly “not paying” for services rendered.  The video shows Bobby half naked and retrieving his pants to leave the apartment.  In a second video,  the transgender woman address the incident.

#bigbinkshow – Damn shame – These dudes making all this money and find the time to fight at the damn awards show…look at this BULL *&^^  

#bigbinkshow – Did you know Mike Epps is from the Midwest area also?  Here is a TBT pic.  Can you guess the year?  Does the Hairstyle give it away?

#bigbinkshow – Yo The Premiere for Power kicks off later this month but it looks like one of the main characters will be taking it easy because she has other things that need attention.  Congrats to “TASHA” from Power on the new Bundle of Joy! #isshepregnantinthenewseason #howmanymonths #newseasonofpower625 #bigbinkshow  

#bigbinkshow – Our 45th President’s pick for Education Secretary, Betsy Devoe spoke at the Bethune Cookman Graduation recently and didn’t get a big welcome from the crowd.  As a matter of fact she was booed during her whole speech.  You won’t believe what happened next.  

  #bigbinkshow – Shots out to T.I.P. doing what Daddys do.  This is the video that went viral of him spending time with the lil man and a basketball.  Shawty look like he might have some handles when he grow up…. its a shame the family Hustle won’t be coming on no more…

  #bigbinkshow – Ja Rule recently was doing a show in Chicago and brought out the Homie Chance The Rapper and the crowd went totally nuts!!!  Check out this video!  Don’t forget, only Power has your tickets to see Chance when he comes to Columbus on May 16th at Nationwide.  

source : ABC 6 – #bigbinkshow – There has been a shooting at Easton Town center (outside of the mall, inside of the Pink Store).  The victim is a woman and she has been transported Grant  Medical.  Police do have a suspect in Custody.  We will keep you updated with the latest details.  

#bigbinkshow I’m definitely in the wrong profession!!!!   There are people getting paid to dry hump other people!!!!!!  Being that it is “Hump Day”  Wednesday, this is the perfect video for you if your bell isn’t being rung on a daily basis at the crib….Just imagine people are actually paying money to get humped.  I […]

    #bigbinkshow   According to reports, Kevin Gates has been sentenced to 6 months in Jail for alledgedly kicking a woman at a concert.  This actually happened last year and the video clearly shows him kicking her after she tugged out at his clothes.  He will have plenty of time to come up with […]

  DJ Mr King caught up with T.I. Saturday night while the “King of the South” was in the Columbus. Check out the full interview in which the two discuss T.I.’s new record “Dope”, his upcoming role in the mini-series “Roots”, the harsh words he has for Donald Trump, as well as his thoughts on the evolution […]