#bigbinkshow – Wow!!!!!! According to reports, Tennis great Venus Williams could be at fault in a car crash that caused someone to lose there life.   Could this affect her Tennis career?  What about all her endorsements?  As we get more info we will keep you informed.  We are praying for the families affected…

#bigbinkshow – Serena handle your business!!!   She is pregnant and still working out that baby on the tennis Court.  She will prolly snap back into playing mode and win some more championships!!!

#bigbinkshow – Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Last time the talk was about Serena Williams possibly being preggo.  According to this pic,   It won’t be long before the next tennis champion is born! #supercongrats

Its being reported that Serena is hanging up the racket as she begins her journey through the pregnancy of her first child.  She plans to come back in the fall to continue her Reign in Tennis.  Congratulations to Serena and her boo as they get ready for baby number one! Did you know that she […]