#bigbinkshow – Well, Webbie ain’t had a hit in a while and now he’s making headlines another way by popping up in the gossip section of blogs across America.  According to reports, He got arrested and you wont believe the details on why  below…smh..

#bigbinkshow – Man this is some bull sh**! as a parent, this girl is wrong as the days are long!  Its kinda funny but the language around the shorty is inappropriate.  I see why the baby daddy didn’t answer the door when she came by to drop the kid off.

#bigbinkshow – According to reports around the internet, this happened last year.  With RHOA fighting for every viewer it has, this video might be able to get yet another season of RHOA.

#bigbinkshow – Its being reported on TMZ.com that Tahiry from Love and Hip Hop NY snatched up somebody who was staying at her home where a fight popped off and the guest got roughed up pretty bad.  Now,  Tahiry is going to spend her 38th birthday going through the process of being booked on assault […]

#bigbinkshow – With Ne Ne leaks apparently coming back to Real Housewives, it will definitely come with restrictions.   It is being rumored that the restriction might be Cynthia Bailey’s Paycheck.  Don’t count on her coming back for the next season of RHOA. via MTO- Our insider explained, “Usually we wait until after the reunion show […]

#bigbinkshow – Kodak Blak is reported to be back in jail as missing a lot of paper.  Some of the shows are 50k a pop!!!  More importantly maybe to him, he won’t be able to reap the benefits of his performance rider.  Take a look at what he asks for when he is performing in […]

#bigbinkshow – They stopped by the show today and talked about how the fans made their own version of their song that has over 3 million views!!  They LIT!!!!!!!!!  

#bigbinkshow – Ratchet Wins!!!!!!  Get ready for another season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!!  You thought last season was crazy, wait until you see the update on Stevie and Joseline and OMG, Rasheeds and Kurt have problems that you would of never saw coming!  The rumor is Lil Scrappy might be getting married!!!  Here […]

  #bigbinkshow  –  You know what they say…When the reality shows don’t work out, Just do Twerk Videos!!!   Well, that’s exactly what R Kelly Ex Wife did….and Ill be honest, she is pretty Twerk Talented!!  Check it out –

  #bigbinkshow We got to do better Ladies!!!  This chick went all in after she finally found out who her Baby Daddy Was (twerkfest)!!!  

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty   Katt Willams has come for Kevin’s Hart neck on Social Media and has challenged him to a BATTLE for 5 million Dollars!!! The streets wanna see this happen but do you think that Kevin should Jeopardize his career and answer Katt Williams Challenge?      

So the PIC went out yesterday of KIM K’s big ole booty on the cover of Paper Magazine and I must admit that it looked damn good (my opinion).  Kanye West put all of the haters at bay when he responded on Twitter by saying     If Kanye doesn’t have a problem with Kim […]