Gun control in our schools has become more imperative than ever before. Not only has the threat of mass shootings increased awareness but its seemingly also heightened curiosity among local students. The 2019-2020 school year has so far been quite busy in central Ohio. Five Columbus City Schools have reported students with firearms on school […]


An annual survey shows that 81 people died as a result of domestic violence confrontations in the state of Ohio. The surveys were taken during the 12-month period ending June 30 and these numbers include 53 victims and 28 perpetrators. The Ohio Domestic Violence Network analysis used media accounts to identify 60 deadly confrontations — […]


  Columbus Police are searching for a 17-year-old student who attempted to take a loaded handgun into Northland High School Friday. Upon having his backpack searched by School Safety and Security, the student quickly reacted and grabbed the backpack and ran from the school, police said. The student also allegedly dumped the bag once he […]

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Looks like Offset is gonna have to pony up and by a fan a new phone after a fan spotted the Migos rapper in a store buying a baby stroller. Now in Offset’s defense the fan did get kinda close and did just start recording and walked up to Offset like he knew him. The […]

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The question everyone is waiting to get answered is “What drugs did Mac Miller take?” Mac Miller was found unresponsive Sept. 7th around noon.  Now according to TMZ  new info has came out.. Mac Miller was dead for many hours before his body was discovered in his bedroom and 911 was called, TMZ has learned, and […]

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When will athletes and entertainers learn, someone is always filming they a$$ and that they have to be a little….no change that they need to be overly aware of that especially when they are out at a club and one of there hanger on’s get in to fight. This is what happened to NBA superstar […]

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#bigbinkshow – Especially with the new Presidential administration, “Fake News” is alive and well.  How do we know what is real and what is fake?  Well Facebook is giving you the business with labels that will identify what is real and what is not, even what is being disputed.  For the full story click HERE […]

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#bigbinkshow How could this happen? A reporter was actually doing a report and got sucker punched by another woman…smh .


Desegregation has stalled, showing growing disparities - especially for poor Black and Hispanic students.


Via Hiphopwired: Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins, Charles Ramsey and Antoine Dodson, meet Ruby Evans. Your new successor in instafame news interviews. A Jackson Mississippi police…

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  COLUMBUS, Ohio – Columbus Public Health officials are investigating after shocking pictures surfaced Monday of lewd conduct involving Subway employees. Health officials said they were investigating the Subway restaurant located at 5350 Tuttle Crossing Boulevard. The restaurant is part of a Turkey Hill gas station. Pictures surfaced on a social media site Monday of […]

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  According to a new report, a Hollywood private investigator named Pat Huebl says he has video evidence that proves pop icon Whitney Houston was murdered. Huebl told the National Enquirer: “I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of a high powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs,” […]