#bigbinkshow – according to reports, people who have purchased tickets for upcoming shows in the UK through Live nation are open to a refund.  The company understands that customers might be uneasy attending shows after what happened at the Ariana Grande show earlier this week.  Some Big names were coming through the UK like – […]

#bigbinkshow – Probably the most important awards show of them all!!  The Oscars!!  The were so many great movies out last Year, it will be interesting to see who takes home the Golden  Award this year!  Here is the complete list of nominees HERE  .  

  #bigbinkshow – President Elect trump is due to become the 45 president of the United States in 3 days 1/20, and he is being accused of sexual misconduct according to this story on  President elect trump has already been accused by several women of inappropriate conduct.  Stay tuned  and lets see ho this […]

#bigbinkshow – The Big Homies of the White house will never be forgotten.  They changed the way we look at politics and how it relates to family, community and leadership.  President Obama surprised Joe Biden with the highest Honor humanly possible at what Biden thought was a regular televised meeting.  

#bigbinkshow The Pokemon Craze is taking over the world right now but this video right here had me rollin!!!!   Check this out!!!  

  #bigbinkshow What if Our President could serve four more years in Office?  Well in Canada, The cheers of “4 More Years ” were known big time on a recent visit by President Barack Obama.  Check out the video  

The woman who called the police said this could have all been avoided if Lowe would have asked to use her bathroom instead.

An award-winning veteran of Pittsburgh news station WTAE was fired from her post after 18 years for grossly stereotyping Black people as criminals with "multiple siblings and multiple fathers" in a racist Facebook post.

This lady right here has definitely started something since her video has gone viral! We would LOVE to hear your take on her “final thoughts”. . .Drop your comments! Video via [Newsfoxes]! Follow RoDigga @RoDigga on Twitter/Instagram/FaceBook and be sure to tune in weekdays 10am-3pm on Z1079!

Ever get annoyed when someone asks “Why aren’t you smiling?” or tell you “You should smile more”.  Well looks like that’s exactly what happened to Serena Williams when a reporter asked why she wasn’t smiling and if something was wrong.


Bryce Williams/Vester Flanagan said the Charleston Church shooting in June spurred his homicidal rage … which exploded this morning when he took the lives of a Virginia reporter and photographer. ABC News in NYC says it received a 23-page fax from Williams this morning — almost 2 hours after he had killed Alison Parker and […]

Nicki Minaj Goes HAM On A Reporter For Asking Her About Iggy Azalea Beef ‘I Feel Embarrassed’ FULL STORY HERE