The 614

I can’t lie I never knew how old Dairy Queen was, did you? All I ever knew is that for as long as I’ve been alive there has been a Dairy Queen and to be honest, up until maybe ten years ago Dairy Queen was really the only all ice cream fast food joint in […]

They say most geniuses are a little crazy right?  The entire world is used to hearing and seeing Kanye West do some crazy things.  We put up with it because Kanye is an artist and we understand he sees the world differently.  But lately he has been going on rant after rant and saying some […]

Ice Cube has built a storied rap career speaking out against corruption, so why would he stop now? On Thursday (November 1) morning Cube dropped the music video for “Everythang’s Corrupt,” the new single from his upcoming 10th solo LP of the same name. “To me, it’s kinda more a political leap than a first single. […]