You know how the saying goes, “Ain’t nothing to it but to do it!” And Nike has is doing just that! The mega company is donating thousands of shoes to front line healthcare workers who have been working around the clock to help end our current viral pandemic. According to Nike, they will be donating […]

You can’t make this up..Nun Denise Marie Woodrum will be in court in September facing a major drug trafficking charge, she’s charged with smuggling 2 pounds of cocaine in the heels of her shoes. She was busted while going through customs at the Sydney Airport on Aug. 4 last year.  Woodrum, who was a sister […]

#bigbinkshow – Congrats to your 2017 NBA MVP!!

#bigbinkshow – Jason Whitlock says that Stephen Curry is a coward.  Why, because the word is that he and the Warriors won’t go to the White House to celebrate his NBA world championship with President Trump.  Your Thoughts?

#bigbinkshow – Wow this is supposed to be a tribute to Dads for Fathers day.  However; NBA hopeful Alonzo ball is not too happy with his road to the NBA because of his DAD and publicly addresses it.

#bigbinkshow – Remember when Kim Kardash thought it would be kool to marry someone for like 30 minutes?  I’m sure Kris Humphries remembers…all that damn money, all the preparation, the entire costs of a wedding gone down the drain.  In retrospect she knew damn well she wasn’t going to be with the homey that long. […]

#bigbinkshow – According to reports – 35 percent of men have bought rompers over the weekend in Columbus.  Have you bought yours?    

Its being reported that Serena is hanging up the racket as she begins her journey through the pregnancy of her first child.  She plans to come back in the fall to continue her Reign in Tennis.  Congratulations to Serena and her boo as they get ready for baby number one! Did you know that she […]

Attention sneaker heads!!!  Kanye West has released a new affordable shoe called the Calabasas and they are available today! The Calabasas reminds us of the classic Reeboks that became famous in the 80s and a come back in recent years.  The Calabasas is being sold online for only $120.  Click here to get yours Newsletter […]

#bigbinkshow – This can’t be real.  Look at how this Pastor reunites his followers with the Lord Jesus…This can’t be real!!!!