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#bigbinkshow     The “So Gone” challenge has taken a life of its own and Monica is now a household name again.  She recently took time to explain the whole movement at that time in her career    


Sometimes there’s a movie. And there’s a song that goes with that movie. And then someone decides it’s a good idea to make a music video to tie the two together, and this happens.


 Lol Yes, Girls Sh*t Too: Who’s Booty Is It!? You have to watch this comedy skit. Created by SOURCE RELATED::Magic Johnson Offers Lebron James A Million Dollars To Join The NBA Dunk Contest Next Year RELATED::Suspect Arrested In Kenny Clutch Drive-By Shooting Murder

  The road can be full of ups and downs, literally and figuratively. It can be the most boring place in the world, or it can be the most entertaining. As you’re driving along, there are plenty of ways to keep a smile on your face, but it’s always nice when the road brings the […]