Columbus, OH  – Attention all cigarette smokers! A new law is being presented to prohibit smoking in a vehicle if there is a child or children younger than 6. According to, Senator Tina Maharath has presented this proposal to legislation with a fine of $500 to any violator to be fined. If a person […]

In the past months, Drake has been going through a lot!  The battle with Pusha T (which he lost), letting everyone know about his kid, and now one of his Toronto affiliate’s getting murdered. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   Toronto rapper Smoke Dawg was rumored to be getting ready to go […]

  So today around the office select staffers kept mentioning that it was 420.  Other staff would ask what was this so called holiday about.  Following would be a few attempts at trying to explain what 420 was and why some people celebrate it.  I honestly don’t think anyone really knows where this hemp lovers […]

#bigbinkshow – This is some of the dumbest S*** I have ever seen in my life, I thought it was a prank!  the nerve of some people!  Watch the whole thing.  SMH

#bigbinkshow – Yo its the weekend and what better way to see some WTF kinda stuff right?  Everyone is waiting for a new Wiz track and inside of the video he gives you a hint of where is is with that plus he actually eats raw cannibus!!!  Where they do that at?

#bigbinkshow – Wiz took a pic with his new boo, but did u know he had Tatts on his Knee Caps?  That had to hurt…….

#bigbinkshow – So Chris Brown has been killing it since like 2005 and the question of the day is, is there anybody that can go up against Chris brown, Physically (dancing) or Vocally (singing).  On the Big Bink Show a couple of names came up to Consider…Check em out and vote below.  Keep listening to […]

#bigbinkshow – When will it end?  Another shooting at a school that leaves innocent people killed….We have to come up with a plan to get the guns out of irresponsible people’s hands.

#bigbinkshow – This just came down.  according to, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are targets of a drug investigation that includes thousands of dollars of narcotics including the drank called “purple stuff” or lean.  These allegations actually stem from an investigation of a dealer out of Miami who told people Breezy and Wayne were […]

#bigbinkshow  – Karrueche Tran is going above and beyond to make sure that she doesn’t have to deal with Breezy no more!!!!!!  They will be meeting in Court very soon and now Breezy might be facing a restraining order.  It was reported that a judge has already granted a temp restraining order on Breezy but […]

#bigbinkshow – Every parent has their “Own” way of raising their kids.  To each his own,  right?  Well, what are your thoughts on this Mom putting her toddler on a stripper pole?  Is this at the home?  Or at the Club?  Should Child servies get involved? Check out the video..

#bigbinkshow Happy 4/20 from the Lil Homie – Lil Duvall