#bigbinkshow –  Video from the horrific crash in New York City is now all over the internet.  There are various angles where you can see exactly what happened.  Should this DRIVER get the death penalty?  According to reports, Richard Rojas driver smoked some synthetic marijuana and thought the world was coming to an end. Sign Up For […]

#bigbinkshow        I think that all Police officers should wear some type of Camera’s on their uniforms to protect themselves and others.  Why would a Police officer want extra Money for something that he should have anyway while at work? Check out the story on how the offocers feel HERE  

Mr. Bolt and the Jamaica team Made History in a recent track Match!!  USA came in second – Check out the video..  

The 614

The Ohio Senate is actively considering raising the speed limit on Ohio’s rural highways to 75mph. In the summer of 2013, the limit on more than 1,700 miles worth of roadway increased to 70mph. Some lawmakers are saying that since that change there has been no increase in the number of accidents, so the limit […]

If you use I- 70 and 71 you’ll have to slow down this summer. Columbus City Council approved the lowering of speed limits on those highways from 65 to 55-miles-per-hour. ODOT pushed for the change because of the rebuilt Columbus Crossroads interchange. Follow me on Twitter and IG @MistyJRadio source: 24/7NewsSource  

I could lie about something else but this one I really can’t! Yes you read the title correctly! Actress Sandra Bullock raps & even adds…

Kelis is ready to be a single woman…She filed papers demanding they speed up the divorce process with Nas and she’ll work out the other stuff at a later date: TMZ got their hands on the court documents: According to documents filed last week, Kelis said in a declaration, “… it would be in the […]