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The sports world is still reeling after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all major sporting events and now the PGA has announced that there will be no golf until at least the end of May. And with the Memorial tournament slated to be played June 4th the director of the Memorial is saying that there […]

A 16-year-old just secured his own millionaire status playing video games! Kyle Giersdorf, a competitive Fortnite player, bagged $3 million over the weekend at a tournament. Gamers from all over participated in the Fortnite World Cup! Participants were vying for a total of $30 million in available prize offerings at the big New York event Sunday. […]

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Well it’s official EVERYONE’S BRACKET IS BUSTED!!! Nobody and I mean nobody picked this Final Four Virginia, Michigan State, Auburn, Texas Tech???? What no Duke who lost by one to MSU, What no North Carolina who lost Auburn who also beat Kentucky!!!??? WTF No Gonzaga a team that averages 90 got beat by Texas Tech, […]

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Many basketball people say that the Bucks were lucky to even make it into the tournament not to mention nobody had them winning a game in the tournament then they pull off one upset and up until 10 mins left in the game yesterday the Bucks looked like they were going to once again bust […]

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The only tournament that shuts down the entire country starts today!! Since it’s inception in 1938 the NCAA tournament has been the tournament that every college basketball in the country wants to make. And here’s some OSU history the tournament was the idea of Ohio State coach Harold Olsen little did he know he was […]

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THIS COULD REALLY HAPPEN THIS WEEKEND THE 13TH RANKED BUCKEYE HAVE HAD A GREAT YEAR WINNING MANY INDIVIDUAL AWARDS THEIR COACH SAYS “I’m happy and proud of our men for these well-deserved honors,” said Myers. “All five of them have played a key role in our success, and it says a lot about their production when […]

#Bigbinkshow – It’s almost time for the March Madness tournament and lets hope Columbus will be in the building for the BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP!  Great game last night as the Men’s basketball squad got past Penn state in the final seconds of the game.  Check out how it went down!!  

Be there to send off the Ohio State Buckeyes as they head off to New Orleans!

OSU Men’s basketball team are heading to the Sweet 16 after defeating Gonzaga 73-66 this weekend. The No. 7 seed Zags dropped out of their man-to-man defense into a zone that OSU assistant Chris Jent calculated Gonzaga used just six percent of the time this season. “It was effective in changing the pace of the […]

Thousands of basketball fanatics are here in the city today for the NCAA Tournament. March Madness is definitely in the city and the thousands of visitors will be spending the weekend in the capital city to watch the games today and Sunday. There are tons of things to do while there in the city and […]

The biggest upset in a tournament full of them took place yesterday when  Northern Iowa took down mighty Kansas.