Cleveland’s own Hot Sauce Williams is branching out to Colorado to form a new type of restaurant – Pot Sauce Williams. Yes You read this right. The BBQ sauce that has made Hot Sauce Williams such a success will now be covered with marijuana.

Of course Colorado seems like a great move for this ‘grass’ roots idea because it is one of 16 states that has legalized medicinal marijuana. A permit is required but it is not very hard to get it.

Greg Williams is working with Norm Roulet, who is a Cleveland businessman who helped make the idea into a reality. His goal is to make sure that the sauce will not only taste the same but also be one of the greatest.

“We hope to make it the Heinz of medical marijuana sauces,” said Roulet.

As far as the taste, well I can’t speak for myself, but according to Larry Kohn, who is also working with the Pot Sauce team, “It packed just about the right size wallop you wanted. It made you merry. It gave you positive body sensations, good tingles, it was as good or better as any edible product I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a lot. It’s da bomb.”

Positive sensations? Making me merry? Good Tingles? Sounds like one dope idea.

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