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Is Kanye West really whipped by Kim Kardashian? That is what one of his alleged friends is claiming. According to said friend that when it comes to his pending appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, “He ain’t really the reality TV type of guy but for him, he’ll do just about anything.”

Via HollywoodLife.com:

“All of us were busting up when we saw [him] on Kim’s show,” a friend of the singer’s tells HollywoodLife.com. “He was hella cheesing and we were laughing our [butts] off at that [boy]. All we saw were his white teeth. He ain’t the reality TV type of guy but for Kim, he’ll do just about anything.”

Aww how cute! Kanye’s friend explains that his love for Kim is serious and he is completely “whipped”. “We joke that he’s pu**y whipped because he’s done things for this girl we never thought he’d do. Going on her show was a big deal  for him.”

Our insider reveals he is going to be on the show a lot! “He’s gonna be on there even more. It’s crazy. But that’s what I’m saying, he likes Kim so much. He would never let a female push one of his whips but I guess he’s like ‘That’s my lady so what’s mine is hers.’”

“He’s giving her the world but make no mistake, [he isn’t] stupid. [You better] believe she’s bringing it hard too and taking care of him on a more emotional level. And as hard as we want to be, that’s important in life. To be with a woman who connects with you on a deep level. That [isn’t] easy to find man. Trust me. It’s not easy to find at all. He’s found his true love as  [freaking] corny as that sounds.”

One word: “Singer.”


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