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One thing is for sure, Kim “Keep A Coin” Kardashian is going to make moves and make money!! Kim’s shapewear brand, Skims, has now become the official underwear partner for the NBA. Now it is to be noted that Skims has already built up its own $4 billion dollar legacy, however partnering with the NBA […]

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Kim Kardashian's got a lot of people mad at her!

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Kim Kardashian has proven time and time again that she knows how to bring in the coin honey! She continues to do so with her line of shape and loungewear, Skims. Recently, the reality star turned fashion maven has released an exclusive collection with the iconic brand, Fendi and continues to break the internet with […]

Needless to say, it’s been a pretty tough year in the West household. Not that we all aren’t finding 2020 extremely difficult, Kim and Kanye must experience life and everyday personal struggles in the spotlight everyday. Sources close to the couple say the marriage is holding on but they currently “very much live separate lives.” […]

  It looks like Kanye West’s Sunday Service is having an impact on us all, including his adorable children with the infamous, Kim Kardashian. The two arguably created some of the cutest celeb babies, ever! As we all know, life moves fast and the kids seem to grow up even faster. Their second daughter, Chicago […]

  Kim Kardashian can’t do too much of anything without worldwide attention. And of course, this includes analyzing every photo she posts on her social media platforms. Recently, after posting yet another cover shoot, the infamous business woman received immediate backlash and is being accused of allegedly wearing black face and once again appropriating black […]

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Sis, you like 5 years too late. Obviously, the Kardashians are still in they feelings that people think they go around town stealing people’s men. Remember former rival Amber Rose accused Kim Kardashian with messing with her former boyfriend Kanye West when they were dating and she was still married to her second husband Chris […]

Kim Kardashian West faced some major backlash over the summer after the announcement of her shapewear called Kimono. Now, Kim is no stranger to dealing with opposition. She was accused, yet again, of cultural appropriation for the choice of name for the brand, “Kimono.” Even the mayor of Kyoto, Japan politely asked her not to […]

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Charles was freed on Jan. 3 as a result of a criminal justice reform measure signed by President Donald Trump the month in December.  First Step Act, is the measure that permits justices to retroactively apply the Fair Sentencing Act, which seeks to reverse what critics have said is an unbalanced drug sentencing system. Now […]

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I had to post this because I am a mother and my son is hooked on Youtube. So here is the rundown that Kim Kardashian is pleading with Youtube to get rid of a video that is the #MoMoChalleneg, which is where a creepy figure pops up on the screen, and is telling Kids to […]

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Kim and Kanye West are being thanked by neighbors for hiring a private team of firefighter to hep fight off the fire from taking their homes. Did you see the key words ‘private team’? So I myself had no idea that hiring your own team of firefighters was possible. But I will say that was […]

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Fans are expecting Kim K may be getting ready to make her exit in the near future. If you have been watching this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you can sense that Kim Kardashian is having a hard time with her husband Kanye West these days. From Kanye saying she doesn’t give her […]