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Source: Mr. Guerra / Dimepiece

Happy New Year! Now that 2016 is here, it is time to roll out your New Year’s resolutions to help make a better you!  New Year’s resolutions are to set up your future to WIN in life and accomplish goals but we all know sometimes we don’t always stick to our resolutions.  We’ve all been there!

Check out my top 10 resolutions that you always hear people promote but don’t stick to:

  1. Joining a Gym/Working out/Fitness
  2. Saving money
  3. Going back to school
  4. Eating healthier
  5. Strengthen Spiritual relationship
  6. Being more organized
  7. Travel
  8. Reading books/literature
  9. Getting a job/Employment
  10. Love/Dating/Relationships goals

Although it’s awesome to set resolutions for the New Year, it’s even better to stick to them.  That’s the whole point right? I’m challenging you as well as myself to stick to whatever your New Year’s resolutions are so that you are destined to WIN in 2016!




-DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”