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Now growing up there were a lot of teachers I didn’t like, If I ever got the chance to throw a snow ball at my 4th grade teacher Miss Toon, I would knock that wig off lol she was just mean for nnnnnoooooo reason lol that being said. I would never and I mean NEVER pee or put my semen in my teachers food i mean that’s just disgusting. Here’s a some question i’m sure everyone is asking 1. Did it really happen 2. Why 3. Which teachers were targeted 4. What should the punishment be? According to Delaware County Sheriff’s there are several victims and suspects, The sheriff’s office said the students are accused of peeing and ejaculating into crepes that were served to teachers in a class called “Global Gourmet. Full Story Here

Teachers Respond To The #AssaultAtSpringValleyHighSchool
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