Today a robbery was caught on camera! Now, it’s understood that this wouldn’t be the first time sketchy burglars are caught on video but this time the suspects were filmed by an NBC4 photographer at the time of the crime. The incident occurred around 9 a.m. Saturday at International Market Foods located at 3120 […]

The 614

Now I know for a fact I hated and I really mean hated 3 of my teachers from elementary to high school and many times I would wish that something would happen to them either over night or on their way to work but my wish never came true. I even thought about pushing one […]

The 614

Now growing up there were a lot of teachers I didn’t like, If I ever got the chance to throw a snow ball at my 4th grade teacher Miss Toon, I would knock that wig off lol she was just mean for nnnnnoooooo reason lol that being said. I would never and I mean NEVER […]

Another version of last week’s bathroom brawl at Olentangy Orange High School from another vantage point shows the students who didn’t run for help but instead stood by and watched or recorded the action on their cell phones. Students, like Sophomore Chris Rotes and parents, tell NBC4 that suspensions were handed out to the onlookers […]

Good news if you’re a breakfast lover….. the popular chain Denny’s is coming to Columbus!  The new location will be 3019 Olentangy River Road just north of Ohio State’s campus.  The diner will be open 24/7 and a grand opening is planned before the end of the year! It’s been 15 years since a Denny’s has […]