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Top 5 Hip-Hop Punchouts

Okay do you remember the Pack? They had that song “Vans” about the the skateboard sneakers that the white kids in high school used to wear? Apparently they have a song “I’m Shining” and one of the members Lil B is cool with Souljah Boy. Apparently he went home to Berkeley, California for a video shoot and was chilling with one of his old homies who decided to give him a 4 piece with a biscuit and a side of fries. I don’t know who the dude who beat him up was or why he beat him up but he got em good. Check out Lil B’s black eye and busted lip and his explanation for what happened after the video.

(The punches start at about 1:17 mark)

Lil B Addresses Situation

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Top 5 Hip-Hop Punchouts

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