Nearly two months have passed living with the the threat of the coronavirus. Many lives have been completely changed thanks to this global pandemic. Americans have been receiving stimulus funds over the last several weeks which were intended to offer relief in this time of being laid off, fired, or working from home. But the […]


More than 22 million Americans are currently unemployed due to the viral pandemic that has effected the entire world. Needless to say, right here in Ohio, the number of people who are filing for unemployment has become overwhelming. Due to such high numbers of cases, The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services is now […]


As Americans nationwide are receiving their stimulus checks from the government, some politicians are looking to expand upon it even further. This week, house representatives introduced legislation to potentially put more money in your pockets. Democratic Representatives, Tim Ryan and Ro Khanna are pushing the Emergency Money for the People Act for Americans to receive $2,000 […]


Millions of Americans are currently waiting for their coins from the government. Yea, that stimulus check that has been approved is on the minds of all of us. Whether we are sitting back, waiting for a deposit or still trying to figure out if we are eligible for the funds, the conversation is about one […]


The entire world is dealing with this viral pandemic. Every aspect of our lives has been impacted by the spread of the coronavirus. In America, the government has been back and forth about how to deal with the very real effects this is having on our lives. A $2 trillion stimulus was approved this week […]


The Trump Administration is proposing to change some key components that make up the food assistance program. With the revisions, millions of Americans will become at risk of losing their access to the assistance all together. Studies show that if these new Trump changes are engaged, 2.2 million households could have their average monthly assistance […]

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According to a report the odds of overdosing on opioids is 1 in 96 and the odds of dying in a crash is 1 in 103 per the report. Which is crazy because the opioid epidemic if fairly new ( meaning in the last 5 to 6 yrs) Via Fox New Columbus….”We’ve made significant strides […]

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The American heroes who overpowered and subdued a terrorist on a train in France are huge sports fans — and one of the heroes was rocking a Los Angeles Lakers shirt during the ordeal. Three Americans and a British man tackled and beat up a terrorist on the Paris-bound train — a terrorist armed with […]