That damn sneaky ass Ray J finally got Safaree to admit he smashed A1’s wife during their break     now after finding out Safaree smashed his wife do you think A1 will stay with his wife or will he leave her and the baby that might not be his?? What would you do? 

Everyone was wondering who would become the next Hugh Hefner aka Famous Thot Sugar Daddy, who would be able to get beautiful women around the world and be in a relationship with all of them at the same time and they all be cool with it. Well wonder no more the new Sugar Daddy is […]

#bigbinkshow – hildish Gambino’s “Atlanta” and “Blackish” have been nominated for Emmys for 2017!!  Good Luck!!

#bigbinkshow – Man this is some bull sh**! as a parent, this girl is wrong as the days are long!  Its kinda funny but the language around the shorty is inappropriate.  I see why the baby daddy didn’t answer the door when she came by to drop the kid off.

You know like free stuff so you will definitely be happy to hear that Puffy is giving out freebies today!

Is Royalty, beautiful baby girl of Chris Brown calling someone else daddy?

Rappers are now raising the bars. First, Dr. Dre announcing his Billionaire status and now Diddy being named Dr. Sean Combs!

Since the heated press conference; Oprah, Diddy and even Magic Johnson (who previously debunked the rumor), have expressed their interest in purchasing the L.A. Clippers. In light of the grand affair, we present to you 11 potential buyers. Some of whom have openly expressed their interest, while the others simply have acquired enough capital to […]

So Lil Kim revealed her pregnancy during New York Fashion Week and had social media wondering who her baby father was.  Well he heard your calls!  Here he is, Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy “Mr. Papers”, a brinx Rapper.

With it being Black History Month, I wanted to drop a little Black History knowledge!  Tonight, is all about Sean “Diddy” Combs, the creator of the “Remix”.

According to TMZ, Luda hooked up with “some random chick” and got her pregnant. He’s admitting he’s the daddy and even wants to legally establish his…