Facebook isn’t only taking over the digital world but also city to city, Facebook is making its mark and adding to the economy along the way. Today, the 15th Facebook data center officially went online in New Albany, Ohio. Many citizens of the New Albany neighborhood had no idea the social media giant had […]


The Black News Channel, a new and original 24/7 news network created to serve African-American viewers, will go live in the new year. The BNC had originally planned to launch on November 15th, but pushed back its premiere to take advantage of fast-moving digital delivery platforms, the network announced Wednesday. Those carriers include wireless cellular services […]

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#bigbinkshow – We are months away from one of the biggest bio pics in Hip hop History.  The Tupac movie will be released worldwide on his birthday this year (June 16th).  Check out the trailer.

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#bigbinkshow – 2 pac’s Dear Mama is a classic and its hard to believe is more than 20 years old!  Recently,  the actual handwritten lyrics for this song (written by Pac) went up for sale!!! For 75 Thousand dollars!  Actually, in theory, if you won these Lryics, what could you actually do with them?  Maybe […]

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  Actually not a chip like this but we are living in a time that in the future micro chips will be inserted in Humans.  You will be able to enter buildings, pay bills and so much more.  More Jobs are looking at this practice.  Would you participate?