Thank you to the fast-food Gods! Breakfast about to be so good next month. Wendy’s has announced that they will officially be serving breakfast nationwide. One item menu you can plan to get is the fresh-cracked egg, signature sausage patty and six strips of applewood smoked bacon. Other items include Frosty-ccino or a Honey Butter […]

Christmas in January? It’s looking like Chick-fil-A is playing Santa in the new year! The fast-food chain made a big announcement that til the end of the month you can receive FREE chicken nuggets!!! Chick-fil-A lovers do not play about their favorite fast-food restaurant not only because of the good food, but the exceptional customer […]

  Mickey D’s is out here serving up more ice than a little bit! The fast food giant, McDonald’s decided to thank Yung Miami of the City Girls for her constant support by adding to the rapper’s jewelry collection. Caresha (Yung Miami) took to Instagram to share her brand new McDonald’s small fry necklace that was […]

  By popular demand Wendy’s decided to bring back one of it’s all time favorite menu items, the spicy chicken nugget. The 2017 discontinuation of the nuggets had fans of the fast-food favorite asking, “Where’s the poultry?” As of Monday, the spicy nuggets are back! This time Wendy’s is doing some major giveback to the […]


The gap also has to do with African-American kids watching more "youth-targeted" networks.

Our favorite Mexican kinda-sorta-fast-food-restaurant Chipotle is closing down 43 of its restaurants in Oregon and Washington after 22 cases of E. Coli were linked to the popular spot.


In the latest allegation of fast food employees attacking customers with racist comments, two workers at a Wendy's in Arvada, Colorado, have been fired after reportedly leaving the N-word and other slurs in a kids' meal.


Via Business Insider: Chipotle will now deliver your burrito — for a price. The restaurant chain told investors it has signed a deal with delivery…


Police are currently looking for answers regarding a brawl that occurred in an NYC McDonald’s during which 20 people watched as a teenager was beaten to a…

There’s a fast food brawl going on and I’ve got to say, it’s fantastic. McDonald’s and Taco Bell officially have beef and we’re not talking…


The drive-thru is an American gift to the world, and we must protect it! Image by So these people who do not play by the rules are no longer allowed. Via: www 15. People in scooters. Via: www Oh. Via: My. Via: God. Via: 14. People who pull way too far away from the window and ruin the worker’s life. […]

The 614

Introducing The Whopper Bar! Burger King has started opening boutique burger bars catering to the fans of its number one burger, The Whopper. Fusing night life and late night hunger, these Whopper Bars have exclusive burgers with toppings ranging from guacamole to pepperoni. These Whopper bars are located in select cities now but I’m sure […]