Footage has surfaced of Blac Youngsta appearing to pull out a gun at his concert in South Carolina. Videos show audience members getting hostile towards Blac Youngsta, even throwing chairs in his direction at one point. Blac Youngsta appears to pull out a gun that was handed to him the weapon out of self-defense, after […]

Gotta give it up to DMX for checking himself back to rehab, DMX’s used the tools he learned from his last stay in rehab. X wanted to get help trying to balance his home and work life without the use of drugs so instead of going back down a road he’d been before he made […]


When will people learn to leave synthetic drugs alone??? The police believe that this man was high on the drug called K2 and that it was laced with PCP which also made him hallucinate which made it harder for the police when they got there to handle the situation. People that were watching say that […]

In the movie 25th hour actor Ed Norton takes you thru his last day of freedom before he turns himself in to serve his prison sentence and on this last day he finds out all┬áthe things that led up to him getting arrested and who should’ve trusted….. and so on #WatchTheMovie lol well this ain’t […]

14 Year Old David Phan Shoots Himself In Front of Classmates

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that 46-year-old Sgt. Robert Ralston reported he was shot by a suspect on April 5, but an investigation has revealed the sergeant actually shot himself. The 21-year veteran of the force has been suspended with intent to dismiss. In fact, Ramsey went so far as to say they’re not only […]