A 15-year-old student who brought a loaded gun to school Monday is now facing charges according to Columbus Police. Reports say a security officer at Centennial High School said a student was suspected of stealing a classmate’s cellphone. While searching the student’s backpack a gun was discovered. The 15-year-old was arrested and charged with conveyance/possession […]


  A 6-year-old student was discovered to be carrying a loaded semi-automatic gun in his backpack early Wednesday morning. The student attends a private school in north Columbus, according to Columbus police. The gun was discovered at Kids Care School, once another student came forward after the student told them about the gun. They notified […]

The 614

  It has been a busy Monday at John Glenn Columbus International Airport! TSA Agents found a loaded gun inside a passenger’s carry-on bag early Monday morning. According to a release from airport officials, at about 10 a.m, a loaded Kimber 9mm handgun was detected in a passenger’s carry-on bag at a checkpoint. TSA agents […]


Gun control in our schools has become more imperative than ever before. Not only has the threat of mass shootings increased awareness but its seemingly also heightened curiosity among local students. The 2019-2020 school year has so far been quite busy in central Ohio. Five Columbus City Schools have reported students with firearms on school […]


  Columbus Police are searching for a 17-year-old student who attempted to take a loaded handgun into Northland High School Friday. Upon having his backpack searched by School Safety and Security, the student quickly reacted and grabbed the backpack and ran from the school, police said. The student also allegedly dumped the bag once he […]


A loaded submarine was discovered by the Coast Guard transporting over 12,000 pounds of cocaine worth more than $165 million dollars. The vessel was stopped in the Pacific Ocean by officials with the U.S. Coast Guard, who arrested four suspected drug smugglers. On September 5th, crew members aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Valiant and members […]

It seems that everyday since ICE arrested 21 we’ve learned new things about his arrest that we initially didn’t know now we’re finding out that 21 had a loaded gun in the glove compartment with an extended clips and possible lean was found in the car and in one of the other cars stopped with […]