He calls the fans to have a “mob mentality” during his festival. Many people are scratching their heads as to why people who attended Tyler The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw would boo Drake off stage.   Now Tyler is taking to social media to address the fans and compare their behavior to “cancel culture.”   […]

Columbus Police have started an investigation after finding two human legs in the area of 1300 S. Columbus Airport Road on the south side of Columbus.  Not many details are available but Police received a call at 3:50pm and are pursing an investigation of homicide. Police are asking if you have any information regarding this homicide is […]

Kim K’s  Naked pictures are definitely keeping her name at the top of the Gossip chain but not all the talk is good.  Different Celebrities have their own opinion about Kim showing all of her chicken.  Check out the tweets from high profile celebrities HERE Source: Gary Miller / Getty  

Expressing how she feels about the “so-called biography,” Oprah Winfrey threw Kitty Kelley’s controversial book into her garbage.