Proud new parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made their debut as a family yesterday in LA.  The couple with baby North and the nanny in tow were all headed out to LA medical center for I’m guessing a check up.

TMZ captured these pics that also happen to be the very first pictures of Kim after giving birth since the paparazzi didn’t even catch her leaving the hospital.  Looks like Kim has dropped a lot of that baby weight and is well on her way back to her model like frame.

But it seems that North’s nanny was on her job keeping the baby shielded from the cameras.  Word is Kim and Kanye will not be selling the first picture to be published.  I’m guessing that they will try to be like Beyonce and Jay-Z and release the picture on their own website.

Kanye, Kim and North First Pictures!
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Source: TMZ