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It seems that Norbes has time to air out everything off his chest.

On Wednesday the Ultimate Rap League (URL) and Norbes officially parted ways as far as having a business relationship. With many mistakes done on Norbes part, some he has publicly apologized for like the situation with Nu Jerzey Twork. It now seems like the two may part ways on a personal level too.

On his Instagram Live on Thursday following the official statements, Norbes told fans that for years he wasn’t feeling respected with Beasley and others at URL. Even how the staff unanimously decided to part ways made Norbes feel some type of way.

Watch the video below to see Norbes side of the story as to why he needed to part ways and what his plans for the future are below.


However, with that said it seems that Norbes wishing his former business partners the best and wants the culture to keep supporting the battle rap league no matter what.