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President Biden Delivers Remarks On Continued Support For Ukraine At The White House

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Supplying Tanks for the War


The U.S. just recently announced that it would send 31 Abrams M1 tanks to Ukraine, in addition to Germany sending 14 Leopard tanks. This is a result of the ongoing war between Ukraine & Russia. “It will enhance the Ukrainian’s capacity to defend its territory to achieve its strategic objectives”, Biden said in his statement. In addition to the tanks, the Ukranians will also be provided with parts and equipment to be able to maintain the mobile weapons.

Ukrainians will be able to utilize these tanks in order to gain back land lost to the Russians and to also further defend the land under their control. Biden said that the tanks should not be seen as a defensive threat by the Russians, but more of a help to the Ukrainians for their defense. Hours before, the Germans decided to send 14 Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said, “This decision hews to our known line, which is to support Ukraine to the best of our ability”.

This announcement is a new highlight in the West’s assistance in the Ukrainian/Russian war. Some military experts warn that Russia is preparing for a spring offense move using mobilized personnel whose training is almost near completion. Claiming that the Abrams tanks are “the most capable tanks in the world”, Biden said it would however take time for these tanks to be used in action. Some German officials were in fear that Moscow would respond to their actions of sending these tanks, thus prompting a retaliation, and dragging Germany into the conflict. Unlike the U.S., France, Russia, & the U.K., Germany does not have its own nuclear deterrent.


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In the past, U.S. officials believed the Abrams M1 tanks were too complicated and complex for Ukraines purposes. However, with the tanks in their possession, this could be a game-changer for their side. Kyiv supporters were always supplying Ukraine with older Soviet-Union weapons but now the request for Western weaponry has been accepted. Other countries like Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, and Spain have also said they would supply Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also said his country was sending out 18 tanks to Kyiv. Britain promised to deliver its Challenger 2 tanks, along with France sending AMX-10 wheeled armored vehicles. In addition to receiving the tanks, Ukraine has also called in for more warplanes.


With the heat intensifying, do you think there will be an end to this war soon?



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