National So last week, a group of fans in Spain asked FUTURE for a photo, and when he declined they got upset and started to yell racial slurs at him. One of the angry fans decided to sucker punch Futures, Bodyguard in the face, and knock him out cold. TMZ has just learned that Futures […]

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The bodyguard of the slain rapper promises to take care of his family. We are still witnessing the aftermath of the death of Nipsey Hussle. We have seen the love of his life Lauren London, sister Samantha, and others are sharing their broken hearts on the internet.   READ: Lauren London Speaks For First Time […]

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The person that has been arrested for Tekashis69 kidnapping is none other than a ex crew member by the name Anthony Jamel Ellison. Isn’t it crazy how it be your own people trying t take you out. According to TMZ Ellison was fired after a LAX Brawl, and Ellison felt that he was underpaid. He […]

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IT SEEMS THAT SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO THROW SOMETHING AT FLOYD THAT HE CAN’T DUCK!! WHILE IN THE ATL ONE OF FLOYD’S BODYGUARD WAS SHOT VIA TMZ Cops tell us … they believe Floyd was in one of the SUVs in the entourage that was targeted by the shooter. Floyd was NOT injured in the […]

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West went from being protected by their former bodyguard to needing protection from him. According to reports, the Wests threatened their former bodyguard Steve Stanulis with a $10 million lawsuit after he claimed he was fired for talking to Kim on the job and making Kanye jealous. The high-profile couple’s lawyer insists the accusations are […]

  source: @theshaderoominc Sad news out of Future’s camp.  His former bodyguard was killed in Atlanta earlier today.  No suspects yet but it is rumored that some heard arguing and gunshots.  more details to come…. Source: Label / Label Future recently spoke about the incident and had THIS to say          

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Looking at all of the recent pictures we’ve seen of Jay Z and Beyonce it appears that they are happy together, but Bey might be still having some trust issues According to Mirror UK reports: Their marriage has been the subject on intense scrutiny since “liftgate.” And now, according to Grazia, Beyonce has hired a private detective […]

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Davy Easterling a bodyguard for rapper Twista was found shot to death and lit on fire in an apartment on Chicago’s South Side. The Chicago Tribune reports that Easterling was found in an apartment about 6 a.m. Friday in the 8300 block of South Baker Avenue. Sadly that same day, Twista posted […]

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Nowadays even paying to keep things quiet doesn’t last forever. Jay Z and Beyonce’s names are now being thrown in the middle of some drama…

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The former Bodyguard of MICHAEL JACKSON not only claims to be the biological father of MJ’S youngest son “BLANKET”…but he’s planning to sue in order to prove it. Matt Fiddes says he donated his sperm to Jackson in 2001 after Jackson told him he wanted an athletic child and requested his donation. Fiddes thinks Michael’s […]

Rumors have been floating around for some time now that Beyonce and her bodyguard Julius are more than friends. And then more recently, it was reported that they were, in face, cousins. Julius De Boer is from the Netherlands, speaks 5 languages and his boss is one of Jay-z’s personal bodyguards. He is divorced and […]