COVID-19 has disrupted everything. From personal to professional, just about all that we are accustomed to has changed or adjusted to accommodate prevention of spreading the virus. There have been speculation about meat shortages for weeks now. Many production plants have shut down or slowed down due to this global pandemic. Now, companies like […]

Christmas in January? It’s looking like Chick-fil-A is playing Santa in the new year! The fast-food chain made a big announcement that til the end of the month you can receive FREE chicken nuggets!!! Chick-fil-A lovers do not play about their favorite fast-food restaurant not only because of the good food, but the exceptional customer […]


Move over White Castle’s your not the only restaurant that can throw a theme wedding , in the past one of the only places that foodies could get married at was White Castle’s . Now KFC has thrown their hat into the ring , but would you have a chicken themed wedding? Gotta say right […]

Looks like the beef, well chicken battle, has solved itself. In a shocking development Tuesday afternoon, Popeyes announced via Twitter that they would no longer carry the highly sought after chicken sandwiches that caused literally everyone in the world to go crazy over the last week or so. Popeyes projected inventory would last till the […]

While Popeye’s , Chick Fil A and Wendy’s are worried who has the spicy chicken sandwich , KFC has once again showed why they’ve been at the top of this chicken game for so long. And now while the chicken world is focused on the spicy KFC is focused on the healthy, with the creation […]

Popeyes dropped a new chicken sandwich earlier this week that has the internet going crazy including trolling from the Louisiana based chicken supplier who wasn’t afraid to take shots at Chick-Fil-A and others who wanted beef…well chicken…war….Who knows!!! DJ Mr. King and Cece chime in on the recent great Chicken Sandwich Debate between Popeyes and […]

This debate has been all over social media the past few days after Popeye’s released their new spicy chicken sandwich while most on social media have said they are really feeling the new sandwich . Others remind the masses not to forget about the ones that have been here for years, and now……we have beef…..wait […]


The wait is finally over!! It is officially time for the return. Back in May, Wendy’s announced that if a tweet got more than 2 million likes, it would bring back spicy chicken nuggets. It took less than two days for the tweet to reach its goal with some celebrity assistance. The spicy nuggets were […]

Anyone that loves spicy chicken nuggets, you need to be thanking Chance The Rapper because he loves the nuggets sooooo much he was having a bad day and tweeted about how only a box of spicy chicken nuggets will help him get thru the day and after that tweet received over 2 million likes… Wendy’s […]

You will no longer have to visit the south to get that good southern style chicken from Bojangles!   The franchise just announced that the are expanding and headed north! According to the company press release the first new locations will include Cincinnati and Evansville, Indiana early in 2018. Randy Icard, Bojangles’ Vice President of Franchise Development was […]

#bigbinkshow – According to reports there is a man exposing his JOHNSON in the Granville area.  here is the latest from 614 magazine: Police are on the hunt for a white, middle-aged guy who gets his kicks by flashing people in Grandview Heights. On Sunday morning, a man exposed himself to a bunch of women […]

#bigbinkshow – That boy Beiber went to grace the stage at an event and forgot the words to a song that was in spanish.  Matter of fact,  he tried to fix it and it turned into an Epic fail!!  check it below!