fat joe

The old school held it down for another Verzuz battle. Ms. Patti LaBelle brought the fire and love for the latest Verzuz battle that went down Sunday night. Can’t forget to mention Gladys Knight too, which both had the old heads to the youngins dancing and singing. Patti went on ‘The Fat Joe Show,’ to […]

Lil Kim gives love and support to the new class of female rappers and just wants to enjoy life. Fat Joe had his sister Lil Kim on his Instagram Live show “The Fat Joe Show.” The two did a lot of reminiscing of the past, talked about how she is an icon and current views […]

It’s been 20 yrs since The highly popular tv show “New York Undercover” was on the small screen, the show back in the day was one of the biggest ever and it was a huge part of the culture so much that you watched the show to see what R&B or Hip Hop artist would […]

Fat Joe is the Ultimate artist.  He always shows love to people who show love to him!!!  Recently he shut down a restaurant and the employees played his music,  so he he put on and impromptu show and gave them big ass tips!!

Wow, Fat Joe really has a LONG discography, as he ran through all his hits from “Lean Back”, to “All The Way Up”, paid homage to Biggie & Pac, and showed lots of love to the Colby Colb and the City of Brotherly Love at the Be Beautiful Expo 2017!  

Fat Joe happened to be roaming the halls, and Rickey Smiley got to meet him for the first time!