The 1st Black female tactical jet pilot has arrived ladies and gentlemen!! Congratulations, Madeline Swegle, for showing us how its done and inspiring future generations! Swegle is a native of Virginia and she recently completed some pretty rigorous undergrad Tactical Air Strike pilot training. After 110 years of aviation, the United States Navy will […]

The 614

Save The Ta-Ta’s!! Today was the official 2019 Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure! The event was held in downtown Columbus and more than 21,000 people took to the city streets wearing pink to show their support for the movement, making it the largest in the country! The event began at 7 a.m. with […]

The 614

What’s crazy is that anytime i’m at a go cart track the 1st thing outta my mouth is a reference to Mario Kart lol and to have the chance to actually race in a event that is inspired by the famous game is just jaw dropping. And now more people are going to get the […]

The new mother says she doesn’t see color but has a black child. Yeah, it sounds cute when you hear people say “I don’t see color,” but let’s be honest, America sees color and treats people based on it. That was the message some on Twitter tried to teach Khloe Kardashian after she said that […]

#bigbinkshow – No words after watching this.  Every parent should use this video and have a moment with their kids.  NO MATTER HOW OLD THEY ARE!

Friday night on HBO’s Bill Maher show, he referred to himself as a “house n-“ If you watch Bill Maher regularly you know he pushes the envelope and is not a racist. Social media was outraged with some saying that HBO needs to fire him. Are you offended by Bill Maher’s use of the of […]

I sat down with Zoe Saldana to discuss her role as Gamora in Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I had to ask about the amount of hate she gets from #BlackTwitter for some of her comments on race. People have gone as far to suggest that she’s in the “Sunken Place” — a […]

#bigbinkshow – Why are they 4 million views of hate , justice, injustice, racial bias, tension over a bottle of pepsi?  This video came out and the world is goin in on Pepsi! In this video,  Kendall Jenner makes an attempt to solve tensions during a protest with a can of Pepsi.But honestly I don’t […]

Jackson argued that African-American actors should have a stake in portraying the Black experience in America on film.

#bigbinkshow – This might be a little over the top but Minister Farrakhan has a message for the President of the United States.  He is pointing out things that you might not have known and he wants to see a change.  Check out the video and take the poll below!  Was the minister out of […]

  #bigbinkshow – CHARLESTON, S.C. — Dylann S. Roof, a who is a known young white supremacist who walked in a church and joined people for Bible study and then took out his weapon and killed a total of 9 people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church 19 months ago, was sentenced to death today […]

New data shows a racial divide when it comes to how historical events are viewed.