Retail giant, Walmart has announced that the company will no longer enforce a mask policy. Walmart like many other stores is finding it difficult dealing with the many facets surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Trying to keep both, customers and employees in a safe environment has proven to be a bit more difficult than anticipated. While […]


The climate of our country is ever-changing and this year has had more bumps in the road than most! With police brutality and racial tensions seemingly at an all time high, companies across the nation are making efforts to be more inclusive and fair across the board. Target Corporation just announced that they will be […]

The living legend himself, Magic Johnson, has tapped in to his giving heart to make sure he does his part to help Americans recover from our COVID crisis. Johnson is focusing on assisting minorities and women-owned businesses that have suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic. He has pledged $100 million through his insurance company to […]

In the midst of a global pandemic and the chaos that comes with it, many businesses are finding themselves in difficult positions. From people losing their jobs, temporarily and permanently, times are hard right now. Employees of companies like Walmart and Whole Foods have been dealing with disgruntled employees during this time, requesting better pay […]


Once upon a time, black women were deprived many basic rights. Not only was the color of our skin undervalued, but as women, we faced other hardships as well. But now, its safe to say, its hard to imagine living in the shadows any more. We have consistently broken barriers and elevated to new heights. […]


Ohio is continuously expanding the workforce throughout the state by welcoming companies creating jobs and opportunities. Recently Google broke ground on a pricey new data center in New Albany, joining Amazon and Facebook. Well now, Amazon is expanding and will be looking to fill more than 1,500 positions at its fulfillment center in West Jefferson. […]


  Allegiant Air has been known to have more selective flight schedules departing from Columbus’s Rickenbacker Airport. Moving forward the company has made efforts to expand their reach. The company is undergoing its largest service expansion in its history! Thanks to the expansion, Allegiant Air will now offer non-stop flight service from Columbus, Ohio to […]

  Nike is a world renown, infinitely innovative brand and is still the largest athletic apparel maker in the world. Many athletes and entertainers thrive after creating partnerships with the Fortune 500 company. The latest venture for the massive brand has been expansion! The Nike worldwide headquarters will undergo and huge expansion and they plan […]

Former NBA all star, Paul Pierce, is officially launching his own CBD company that will cater to the needs of athletes. The U.S. is quickly becoming a more weed-friendly nation, but there are still many stipulations and biases surrounding the Earth-grown plant. Pierce, former Celtics star and now ESPN basketball analyst, is making strides to […]

This great Reddit post has gotten over 16,000 comments. So we took our favorites and made logos out of them. SOURCE 1. Brilliant. Before coming to work at BuzzFeed, I was an ad copywriter for 20 years. I wrote thousands of taglines in that time (scant few good ones, none that you know). After reading […]

Lil Twist is paving the way for albumless rappers securing endorsement deals, landing a partnership deal with Nikura USA to launch “Swag By Lil Twists.” The creatively-named line includes both headphones and earbuds, and are available in three distinct color schemes. The products will retail for $34.99 and $99.99, and open up with a twist. […]

City sits down with a young group of entrepreneurs who have developed a clothing custom to Columbus. Tha guys from Tha City Clothing Company are trying to not only unite all types of artist but all of Columbus. Check out their story.